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New Orleans Venture Captain Pestigor is the one to get ahold of with questions or ideas.

DungeonMasterLoki is the one to contact with input about the Obsidian Portal (wikis, forums, requests for additional content, etc.)

We also advise checking out +1 Gaming and
Go4games both of whom have been kind enough to support local PFS efforts and events! Shop local!

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Sign up to join us for local games! The Warhorn has sounded, will you answer it’s call?

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    Pathfinder Society Organized Play is a worldwide fantasy roleplaying campaign that puts YOU in the role of an agent of the Pathfinder Society, a legendary league of explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers dedicated to discovering and chronicling the greatest mysteries and wonders of an ancient world beset by magic and evil.

The campaign’s home base is sprawling Absalom, the so-called City at the Center of the World, that stands astride the great Inner Sea on the mountain-capped Isle of Kortos. A Pathfinder’s adventures explore the dark alleys and political intrigue of Absalom between far-flung travels to the most interesting and exotic locales in the world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

In Pathfinder Society Organized Play, you play a member of the Pathfinder Society, seeking fortune and glory all over the face of Golarion. At the same time, your character works for one of the competing factions, all with their own motivations and secret agendas.

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